Angling Rules



  1. No fishing the pontoon swims or the car park, number two swim when boats/swimmers/or sailors are on the water.
  2. Fish within the map of the pontoons swims.
  3. A minimum of fifteen-pound line must be used at all times. No braided mainline.
  4. Lead clips must be of the korda hybrid/fixed swivel type.
  5. Barbed/micro barbed hooks to be used at all times.
  6. When the weedcutting boat is in operation and is heading towards your swim/water you must reel in all rods.
  7. No drugs or alcohol.
  8. Leadcore leaders must be a maximum length of 1m.
  9. Landing net to be 42” minimum.
  10.    No swimming or wading above knee level.
  11.   No unattended rods or unattended baited rigs at any time.
  12.   Carp care kit to be on hand at all times.
  13.   You may leave a bucket or similar in a swim for a maximum of 1hour providing you are on site during this period.
  14.    You must be parked in either car park before you deposit a bucket in a swim.  E.g. you cannot park on the road and leave a bucket in the swim.
  15.    A maximum of 3 hours is permitted away from the lake whilst fishing.
  16.   Angling permits must be shown upon request by either a bailiff or a PSC officer.
  17.    No fires.
  18.    No violent, threatening or insulting behavior at any time.
  19.    Dogs are permitted but must be kept under control and cleaned up after.
  20.    Respect the wildlife around the lake at all times.
  21.    Vehicles must be parked in either allocated car parks at all times.
  22.   Gates must be kept closed and locked at all times. Codes must not be given out to non-syndicate members.
  23. Anglers may bring their children, but must be responsible for their safety and well being.
  24.    Zero tolerance on litter.
  25.   No swim building unless authorised.
  26.    Rig/lead set-ups must be proven to operate safely. These will be checked.
  27.    No bait boats.
  28. All particles and nuts must be correctly prepared.
  29.   The  two end pontoon swims are run on a booking in basis, and must be vacated by 3pm the following day.
  30.   No sacking of fish a retention sling may be used for a maximum of 3 hours.
  31.   Renewals must be submitted by the last day of February or you will lose your right to renewal. Renewals are by invite only each year.
  32.     No plastic or artificial baits to be used at anytime. 



Pike are delicate fish and require careful handling. They can also cause damage to anglers – their teeth are incredibly sharp. Pike must be respected and handled accordingly.

If you have not had experience of handling pike, fish with an experienced pike angler until you are competent.

Unattended rods equal deep hooked fish, the next swim is too far away. Strike early to avoid deep hooking your pike.


Pike fishing can only take place between 1st October and 31st March.

LINE Monofilament min. breaking strain 15lb.  Braided line minimum breaking strain 50lb.

TRACES  Must be of wire of at least 25lb. breaking strain and at least 18” long.

HOOKS  No more than two trebles may be used on any one trace, they must be barbless or semi barbless where one hook has a bait holding barb.

LURES  Plugs spinners etc. The hooks on any artificial baits must be barbless, and a wire trace must be used . If lure fishing for other species i.e. perch a wire trace must be used.

LIVE BAITING  Is not permitted for Bio Security reasons

DEAD BAITS   Any dead baits, either sea or course fish may be used however such fish must have been purchased from a bona fide bait dealer or fishmonger. Do not bring dead baits caught from another water.

EQUIPMENT   The pike angler must have with them at all times;-

  • A large assembled landing net (min. 36” arms).
  • A large unhooking mat ( as per carp fishing). Preferably with    sides.
  • An adequate Pike /Carp weigh sling.
  • 12” long forceps, pliers or similar for hook removal
  • Side cutters to enable hooks to be cut for removal.
  • A sensitive and effective bite detector which shows drop backs as well as runs.

RETENTION OF FISH  No pike shall be retained in nets, slings, sacks, tubes or any other method.  Return fish to the water as soon as possible after unhooking and photographing if required.

UNATTENDED RODS No rods to be left unattended.

RETURNING PIKE TO THE WATER  Do not carry pike in your arms. Return fish to the water using a proper weigh sling or similar. Do not stand up when holding a pike as they can be damaged very easily if dropped.



  1. The fishery is open from 16th June to 14th March inc.
  2. An Environment Agency rod licence is required.
  3. Up to two rods may be used.
  4. When fishing all anglers must have their own assembled landing net suitable for the fish likely to be encountered.
  5. When fishing, all anglers must have a suitable unhooking mat.
  6. No wet equipment e.g. nets unhooking mats etc. to be brought to the fishery.
  7. Keepnets must be at least 8ft long and a minimum of 18 inches in diameter.
  8. No carp to be placed in keepnets or retained in any other way.
  9. No bait boats allowed on the fishery.
  10. All hooks must be barbless.
  11. Anglers must leave no litter and will be held responsible for the cleanliness of the swim they are fishing.
  12. No angler may leave tackle in the water unattended, or furthermore leave equipment unattended in a swim for more than 3 hours.
  13. Anglers under the age of 16 years may not fish during the hours of darkness unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  14. No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on the fishery.
  15. Vehicles may only be parked in allocated car parks.